Spring Production 2015

The Safari Party

A Comedy by Tim Firth

Directed By Trish Donson

In association with Samuel French Ltd

Playing at the Kelsick Centre Ambleside

For 4 nights from

Wednesday 8th April to Saturday 11th April

Bar opens at 7.00pm. Main Hall doors open at 7.30pm

Julie and Gary are moving on from Whittakers Newsagents. Ambleside Players would like to thank them for their support over the last years. 

Tickets now available at Fred Holdsworth bookshop, (Next door to Whittakers) and online.




Three households in Cheshire have agreed to hold a 'safari party' - a dinner party, each course of which is served at a different house. The hors d' oeuvres are served by Daniel and Adam, brothers whose abusive father was recently shot dead, the entreers by Lol and Esther, upwardly-mobile and vulgar, and the deserts by Inga, a seemingly benign antique dealer. The three households are linked not just socially, however: there's the whole question of the table  ...  The brothers sold it to Inga, inventing a slightly colourful history for it to increase its value, and then she resold it at a staggering profit - with an even more elaborate storytelling - to Lol and Esther. As the evening progresses, the many layers of truth about the table, some shocking, are revealed and violence flares.